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Ilkka Halso Photography [1. “Ilkka Halso.” Ilkka Halso. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2013.]

This website showcases the photography of artist, Ilkka Halso and his perceptions of wilderness. His works converge with one another to display an overall message to viewers that human influence in nature can have adverse effects and that measures need to be taken to mitigate these effects. For instance, he explains and illustrates in his “naturale” exhibit that mankind often shapes wilderness in its own image by appealing to its own desires for beauty and economic gain. His works are relevant to the topic of the myth of wilderness because he shows through art the different ways in which man intentionally or unintentionally alters and influences wilderness.


Rune Guneriussen Photography[2. “Rune Guneriussen.” Rune Guneriussen. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2013.]

This website displays further works by the conceptual photographer, Rune Guneriussen. His images portray human made objects placed strategically in natural environments. His several pieces of work represent the impact that humans have on their natural surroundings. The intricate designs he creates with the man-made objects can be interpreted as the large effect humans have on their environments. It does not show an untouched frontier or a sacred sublime, but rather a human-altered landscape.


Wilderness Society[3. The Wilderness Society. Web. 10 December 2013. <>.]

This website created by the Wilderness Society shows just how present the concept of wilderness is in American culture. Its purpose is to show what the wilderness can do for people, whether it be a source of recreation or economic benefits. By displaying “hot issues” and ways “you can help,” it shows how dependent the future of the wilderness is on people. Pictures highlighting the beautiful protected landscapes emphasize the “great American backyard” and its pristine beauty.




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