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natgeoNational Geographic Videos is a video portal that offers hundreds of video clips about nature, environment and variety of fauna. National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to concern about the earth since 1888. National Geographic Society is one of the major nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world and their fields of expertise include geography, natural science, and of course, human and animal interaction.


bbcBBC Nature Wildlife: Animals provides plethora of information about animals in the nature, particularly those in the wild. It also includes hundreds of videos emphasizing different animals, their behaviors and how their lives connect with humans. The website also features numerous other video collections, various news about environment as well as informative trivia.


newfoa_logo Friends of Animals is a non-profit international animal support organization, founded in New York in 1957. They work to nurture a civil view of animals, be it wild or domesticated. Their objective is to free animals from harmful exploitation worldwide. They have a team of experienced staff and consultants which consist of scientists, professional writers, lawyers, and activists. They enthusiastically tackle issues regarding animals today and cooperate to build a feasible plan for positive revolution. allows us to explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species by providing over 100,000 photos and videos. From these materials we can discover what these animals, plants and fungi look like, what makes them special and why we should protect them. The website is freely accessible to everyone and is created for the benefit of future generations. is a really helpful resource for us to study animals and human relationship. They have been collaborating with Google, IUCN, WWF and other conservation organizations to bring the natural world into homes and schools.


petaPETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an international animal rights organization explores welfare issues and suggests practical ways young people can make a difference. They go up against anything that they think degrades animals – from ordinary activities such as hunting and fishing to highly controversial topics such as animal testing and zoos. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.


logo_notagline_smallOne Green Planet is an online guide to making cognizant choices that assist people, animals and the planet. Their goal is to cut through the green noise and provide high quality resources, experiences and product recommendations that empower us to reimagine the way we eat, buy and think.

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