» The Water Project: Water Crisis in India

This article was put together by The Water Project, a group designed to help those in need get access to clean and plentiful water. The page specifically outlines problems in modern-day India regarding the unsafe water supply, the diseases that come from it, and the effects on multiple industries important to India (i.e. grain production).

» Video: As Bangladesh’s Population Grows, Water Supply Decreases

India as well as Bangladesh are encountering life threatening situations with their sanitation as well as water supply. Dr. S.K. Roy work round the clock 365 days a year to save lives threatened by waterborne illness. The hospital care is free and they see about 400 persons every day and 120 thousand a year. One mom and her son share cooking supplies, water, and a toilet with 25 neighbors! She knows and understands it isn’t a good situation but she already pays for more than she can afford. They are aware of the issues but have no way of fixing them.

» India: Water, Environment and Sanitation

This page was created by UNICEF, providing a small (yet helpful) collection of facts about India and its’ environment, especially concerning water consumption, disease spread and more. The page lists specific facts and statistics about hygiene, consumption, sanitation and more, as well as UNICEF’s action on the region.

» Water Profile of India

WATER PROFILE OF INDIA FROM THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARTH. THIS PAGE CONTAINS MASSIVE DATA ON INDIA’S WATER SITUATION. contains data on geography, population, climate, economy, resources, water use and more. Contains graphs and diagrams related to various water issues in India. 

» Colossal Waste for India

A fall 2013 article from “the Hindu” outlining projections for waste in India based on the rapid population growth that the country has been and will continue to undergo. The article includes much professional insight on the ever-growing waste problem (hand-in-hand with the population problem) happening in India, as well.

» World Bank: Solid Waste Management Program in India

This page is from the World Bank’s official website, covering an important law in India regarding solid waste management. Beginning in 2000, the SWM program has become very crucial to India’s environment and economy, which is all covered in this helpful source.

» India’s E-Waste Burden

This supplemental article from The Guardian goes in depth with a specific type of waste in India: electronic waste. The article supplies intriguing information on the industry that surrounds e-waste, the difficulties associated with it, and how it continues to grow with the waste problem in India.

» Worst Not Yet Over for India’s Mining Sector

This article, drawn from Indian news source Zeenews, goes in depth on current mining laws and restrictions and how the mining industry is responding to such restrictions. The decisions made by the Indian government are weighed in upon by officials, noting that the drawbacks on certain mining habits are hurting the economy, although helping the environment.

» Mining in India Throws Up Numerous Problems

This article outlines the significant problems and benefits of mining in India in general. It weighs the impacts of the scams and illegal mining habits of the Indian people, as well as the ultimate environmental factors to take into account. It also provides information on the ethical problems surrounding mining (especially illegal mining) in India.

» India: Centre for Science and Environment: Mining & Environment

This link leads to an Indian news source filled with pages about mining and the environment in India. Many issues at the forefront of Indian mining can be found and read about on this page. The fact that an Indian news source has an entire section dedicated to mining news is significant and note-worthy when considering the importance of mining in India.

» Climate change may lead India to war: UN report

Derived from a scientific study on warming around the globe, this article from the Times Of India goes in depth in analysis of climate change surrounding India, noting that it and its neighboring countries will be among the most effected in Asia in the coming years. It provides a list of detrimental side effects to expect in the future (quite a long list, at that) and even suggest that war in the region is more likely than expected.

» National Bureau of Asian Research: India’s Climate Change Challenge

This link guides to a very informative FAQ on the National Bureau of Asian Research and its awareness of the climate change problem in India, its future actions and how it is dealing with it in the status quo, as well. It also discusses India’s vulnerability and the NRDC’s mission.

» India Steps Up Climate Change Efforts

This article from the Worldwatch Institute covers India’s latest overhauls to address the increasingly dangerous topic of climate change. India has increased efforts to cut back on emissions, as well as joining hands with other countries in the fight against detrimental climate change.