About Us

Welcome! This website was created by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in a project to collect environmental information on the country of India. We are all affiliated with the course Environmental Science 112: A Social Perspective. Our professor is Samer Alatout, and our teaching assistant is Spring Greeney.


Hello my name is Evan Newhouse, I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I love to play sports such as football, basketball and lacrosse. This past summer I played in the Wisconsin north south all-star game. Another hobby of mine is to travel. Traveling is in my blood seeing as my brother is currently in Cambodia with my dad and my sister is in Colorado. Along with travel comes outdoor activities including hiking and snowboarding. I really enjoy being active not only physically but also with volunteering. Back at home I was involved in the Cellcom marathon and taught youth how to play basketball. Seeing others happy puts a smile on my face. I now attend the University of Madison where I plan on graduating with a degree in Engineering.


Hello my name is Diana Barrera, I am from Chicago, Illinois. I  am an outgoing person and love spending time with my friends and family. I am a dog lover and love my Pomeranian dog.  I love to play sports such as soccer and swimming. I always try to keep myself active and healthy. Not only do I play sports but I also love to dance. I currently attend the University of Wisconsin where I plan to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering.


Hi, my name is Leah MacCarthy and I am from Oak Park, IL, a suburb just outside of Chicago. I am a freshman and I am completely undecided about what I want to major in/my career aspirations. I find that I am really horrible at writing biographies, so I will just leave you with the fact that I have the world’s smallest hands. It’s been proven.


Hello my name is Wooje Chun, I am from Seoul, Korea. I spent half of my life in Korea and the other half in the US. I lived in California, New York, Florida, and am currently in Wisconsin. Last two years, I served in the Army, based in Seoul, Korea. I like playing bowling and ping pong. I am a senior majoring Economics. I applied for certificate in Environmental Studies after noticing that Environmental Studies 112 is the best class ever.


Hello, my name is Collin Kirk. I’m originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. I’m a music fiend and pop culture fanatic, and I also love animals and nature (hence the environmental studies class!) Working with web design, music of any sort and other chances to be creative (or soak up others’ creative work) are what make me tick. Like anybody else my age, I love to spend time with friends and discover new things on the way! I am currently a full-time student, aiming for a Zoology major as well as a certificate in both Environmental Studies and Digital Studies.