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Cotter Dam, Australia

This is an article from the International Water Power and Dam Construction about the Cotter Dam project that was recently finished. In 2007, after following almost a decade of severe drought, the Australian Capital Territory (ATC) government realized they needed to find a solution to the problem of water shortage. The new dam was built downstream from the existing Cotter Dam and increases the storage capacity from 4mL to 78 mL! Click on the link about to read more about the project!

New freshwater resource found under the sea 

This article explains big reservoirs of low salinity have been found in various locations under the sea, including off the coast of Australia. These freshwater sources apparently formed over a hundred thousand years ago, when the coastline was further back. Dr. Vincent Post from Australia’s Flinders University is interviewed and says that this water could sustain certain regions for a long time, however, there is still lots of research to be done before drilling into the aquifers, as this source is not renewable.

The Maritime Executive – “Australia Wants Water Piped from PNG”

This article explains the Australian’s proposal to Papua New Guinea to pipe water into the northern tip of Australia. PNG has abundant water resources and the project seeks to utilize them to help supply resident’s in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia, which is currently experiencing water shortages due to the severe weather and droughts.

International Business Times – Severe Heat Article

The heat waves passing through Australia are expected to become the norm in 2030. This article talks about how the heat waves are getting longer, hotter, and more frequent. Not only do these temperatures make it uncomfortable for the residents of Australia, but it also effects the quality of the water circulating through people’s homes.

Managing Water for Australia – Book

Managing Water For Australia is a book written by Karen Hussey and Stephen Dovers that goes into detail about the management of water in Australia as a response to climate change, drought, population changes, economic changes, and technology changes. There is information from top researchers of this region about the challenges that Australia will face while reforming the water policies, and more. You can purchase this book on the website above.