About Us

IES 112: Introduction to Environmental Studies: the Social Perspective

Professor Samer Alatout

TA: Patrice Kohl


Rorie Buchanan


Rorie is freshman at UW Madison, and is majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies.  She is a lightweight rower for Wisconsin and enjoys reading, exercise, being with friends, and spending time with animals.

Cally Bloch


Cally is a freshman studying at the University of Wisconsin – Madison from Minnetonka, Minnesota and is planning on majoring in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. She loves traveling, reading, playing the violin, and eating Nutella.

Kia Thao


Hey everyone! I’m a senior and a pre-nursing student. Some random facts about me: I love watching cooking shows, I have a shibainu puppy named Boo Boo, and I transferred to UW-Madison from Madison College.

Kiley Quinlevan

KileyKiley is from Mequon, WI and is a sophomore at UW Madison. She is planning on studying in the Education school with hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family.