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B’TSELEM is The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. This group works to inform the citizens of Israel of human rights violations and to help change Israeli policy to guarantee that the government protects the human rights of its residents. In an effort the show the Israeli public of the water crisis occurring within the Gaza strip, B’TSELEM did a spread on the devastating effects sewage, contamination and the lack of water supply is having on the entire region. However, they also supply an idea of how to resolve the water crisis, as well as providing additional links of information regarding the Gaza Strip.

1385374_538766542865553_1836615283_n is a website dedicated to informing people of the issues faced by Palestine. Multiple images make it easy and interesting to learn about many of the main problems of this country. Images produced by this site can be seen in the Huffington Post, the Guardian Data Blog, Al Jazeera, and various other news websites.

logo_storeGlobal Research is a private research organization that is located in Montreal. Their main goal, aside from extensive research, is to educate and encourage readers to partake in humanitarian activities that would alleviate the destruction occurring in other countries. In an effort to spread awareness of the water crisis in the Gaza Strip, Global Research did a spread on why there is a water crisis, how it is affecting the local community, and what experts suggest would be the appropriate solutions to stop the crisis. By providing sufficient amounts of information, Global Research provides their audience with motivation to take further action as well as knowledge to spread education regarding the Gaza Strip to other parts of the world.

EcoMENAEcoMENA is an organization that focuses on increasing the awareness of renewable energy, sustainability, waste management, and environment protection in the Middle East and North Africa region of the world. EcoMENA provides a platform for the young generation to take a stand for environmental protection. As the Gaza Strip is an important source of water for people in the surrounding region, the poor waste management there has ultimately contaminated the water. EcoMENA has taken crucial efforts towards increasing the attention that the problem of waste management in the Gaza Strip needs through publishing many articles about the region.

SWEEPNET_LOGO_latin_versionSWEEP-Net is the “Regional Solid Waste Exchange of Information and Expertise Network.” In order to encourage people to establish productive waste practices SWEEP-Net provides people with assistance and experience on how to manage waste.  Furthermore, the Palestinian Territory is one of the primary focuses of this company and they established a “review and strategy” for the waste management in the Gaza Strip. By highlighting on the severe amounts of waste that is affecting the Gaza Strip, SWEEP-Net hopes to encourage people to get involved and lists numerous strategies to eliminate and manage Gaza’s waste.

waste360_logoWaste360 is an informational website that provides substantial knowledge regarding recycling, the process of waste management, landfills, E-waste and the procedure of the waste industry. Their main purpose is to enlighten and educate people about the drastic effects of waste and how each individual’s cooperation in waste management can work to benefit every community. Furthermore, Waste360 also provides people with resources of how they can get involved with waste projects as well as providing live events such as “Waste Expo,” which teaches people how to effectively dispose of trash and reduce their production of waste.

Yd--logo-enYesh Din is an Israeli non-profit human rights organization.  They have played a large role in the mining situation between Israel and Palestine.  They have taken Palestine’s side in the issue and have petitioned Israel’s High Court of Justice to help give the Palestinians control over the mines in their territory.  Yesh Din will play an important role in the mining situation between Israel and Palestine in the future.

Emblem_of_Israel.svgThe Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources is responsible for the energy economies and national resources of the State of Israel.  This website provides information about Israel’s policies about mining and quarrying.  Topics covered include mining and quarrying in Israel, illegal mining, and information about other industries in Israel as well.

miningMining News is a website dedicated to global mining news. This site contains up to date articles and information relating to mining. As a news site, the reader can chose to search based on region, economy, suppliers, and commodity. With a very large amount of commodities and regions spanning the globe covered, this site is all-encompassing. This website is the leading digital publication of the mining sector and provides valuable and relavent news.

598915_10151278063771240_596323236_n (2)The Arab Youth Climate Movement is a group of young people with the mission to help solve the climate change crisis in the Middle East and North African region. They wish to gain a following of thousands of people who put pressure on politically and economically strategic areas within this region. They are represented by over 20 national coordinators across 15 different Middle Eastern and North African Countries, including Palestine, and wish to generate a movement to spread awareness and achieve agreements  within international negotiations on the issues surrounding climate change. The hyperlink above, links to the groups Facebook page, where they reach out and encourage people to get involved in their movement. You can also check them out through their partners webpages:, IndyAct, Global Campaign for Climate Action and the Climate Action Network (CAN).

photo.PNG copyCES-MED (Cleaner Energy Saving – Mediterranean Cities) is an ongoing project that is funded by the European Neighborhood Policy. This project works to bind relations with many European, Middle Eastern and Northern African Countries, such as Israel and Palestine, in an effort to work together in establishing energy, environmental and immigration goals. The European Union, who funds this project, provides training and technical assistance to their neighboring countries in an effort to bring about awareness and education, as well as a lasting partnership, to the ENPI Region. By highlighting on specific countries, CES-MED details statistics regarding climate change, the economy, waste and water problems, as well as providing an ENP progress report and developmental strategies regarding ways to improve the country in these designated subjects.

foeme_logoFriends of the Earth Middle East is an organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists.  Their main goal is to unite Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis to protect their shared environment.  They seek to advance sustainable regional development and to create the conditions for lasting peace in the Middle East.  Their website offers links to events, and projects, and visitors are able to connect with the organization on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.  Friends of the Earth Middle East is an organization which exemplifies the necessary attitude that people in the Middle East must have towards climate change.