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Hannah Vanderlaanabout me picture“I am an under graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying zoology and environmental studies. Originally from the city of Chicago, I plan to move back there once I graduate to pursue a law degree. With a law degree, I would like to travel different countries working as a lawyer for animal rights or environmental organizations.”

Ben Stacer

Ben Stacer

“I am a second year undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies.  After earning my undergraduate degree, I plan on pursuing a law degree and becoming an environmental lawyer.  I am originally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.”

Mara Beebe


“I am a first year undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison originally from Monona, WI. Technically undecided major but leaning towards Gender and Women’s Studies with an ILS certificate and a certificate in Global Health. As of now I would like to work with women in Africa who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.”

Edwin Chen


 “I am a first year undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am currently pursuing a nursing degree, but I plan to further my studies in graduate school in order to become a nurse practitioner. I am from Los Angeles, California, and look forward to warmer temperatures as I plan to return to my home state to fulfill my career aspirations.”


Sean Kaufman


“I am an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. I plan on going to Law School, and then pursuing a career in politics. The water crisis in Gaza is a very serious issue, and peoples lives are at stake. I strongly believe in spreading awareness to the water crisis in Gaza, and other countries that have a lack of access to clean water.”

Environmental Studies 112: The Social Perspective

Professor Samer Alatout

Teacher’s Assistant Patrice Kohl