Mining has almost become essential to life due to the amount of resources it provides for mankind.  In particular Queensland Australia has over fifty mining sites that contribute to many different necessities in that area, as well as places around the world.  However contributing to the necessities of the community doesn’t always mean that the method is safe.  Many of these mines have led to disaster and many are leading to the destruction of the environment.  Because of this Australia is more aware of their environmental issues and tries to be thorough when dealing with these issues.

Queensland has mines all over its region; these mines all consist of different resources.  The Blackwater mine is happens to be one of Queensland most productive mines exporting about 6.5 millions tons of coal annually to Asia. Another mine that is very productive is Mt. Moss which also exports around 50,000 tones of shipment to other countries, however this mine exports iron.  These mines are obviously very valuable, and help create sustainable infrastructures for different aspects around the world.  Due to this fact these mine sites are growing in Queensland, one mine in particular is said to be able to provide 7.9 billion tonnes of thermal coal.

This mine is The Alpha Coal Project, which is estimated to cost $10 billion in development costs.  The court approved this mine site with the agreement that environmental issues and farm related problems be taken into consideration.  Those environmental issues included climate change, ground-water, greenhouse gas emissions and others. The owner of this site is the GVK Power and infrastructure, and they agreed to address those issues when developing this mine.  This site is also supposed to provide employment to around 7,500 people during the building process, and about 4,000 positions within the coal mine when development is complete.

The development of a new mine does sound like a great investment for Queensland, however the environmental issues and safety concerns have to be looked at microscopically.  First the Alpha Coal Project is a concern for farm and landowners who are worried that the mine will take too much water away from their land.  Because large amounts of water are used to clean coal before it is exported to other places.  Not only is the development of this mine a possibility of future devastations, one mine in particular has caused the death of 76 employees.  This mine is Mount Mulligan, and was caused due to a coal dust explosion September 19th in 1921.  The incident was the worst mining disaster in Australia, and the cause of the explosion was placed on the lack of careful mining practices.

Queensland has to acknowledge many issues when dealing with their mining practices but they decide to take the good with the bad.  Meaning the profits and production that the mines make available to them is worth it when risking the lives of others and the environment.  This can be seen as bad, however we live in a life full of consumers so consuming resources has become a part of our life cycle.

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