About Us


Brianna Zawada

1005997_10200489995949502_437905390_nBrianna is a freshman at UW-Madison double majoring in environmental studies and history. She plans to attend law school after her undergraduate education in order to pursue environmental law. She is an active member in the Sierra Club Coalition on campus where they are currently working on a solar energy campaign.



Daniel Mackenthun

ES112 PhotoDaniel  is a freshman at UW-Madison. His intended major is biochemistry. In the long run, he plans to go to medical school at the U of M and become a orthopedic doctor. Currently he is a part of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi.





James Rasmussen

THIS IS A PICTURE FOR THE WEBSITEJames is a freshman at UW-Madison and intends to major in life science communications and environmental studies.  At the university James is a freshman representative for his college’s Student Association, a member of Badger Crops Club, Legal Studies Association, and part of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.  He plans on attending law school at Madison after graduation and pursuing a career in agricultural or environmental law.  James hopes to give back to his roots and use his studies to benefit the environment in northern rural Wisconsin.



Max Sarsok

IMG_0664 Max is a freshman at UW-Madison and plans to major in biology. He is a part of the Army R.O.T.C program in Madison, and intends on becoming an officer in the U.S Army.






Niajcia Brookshire

IMG_0471Niajcia is a freshman at UW-Madison she  plans to major in Civil engineering and global health.  She is a member of the CeO program, and plans to use her studies to make sure people around the world are provided with sustainable living infrastructures.