Waste Readings & News

The Sydney Morning Herald – “The battle of the bag”

This is an article form the Sydney Morning Herald that describes the rising problem of plastic bag use in Australia. The article is full of information on how plastic bags are ending up not only in landfills, but also on the coast and Australian waters. Not only is it harmful to our environment, it is also killing the wildlife. Click on the link and read more about what some people want to do about the problem!

ABC Sydney – “Food waste bill tops $5b”

This is an article found on ABC Sydney that describes the rising costs of food waste. Currently at about 5 billion dollars a year, the number is only expected to rise. The article points out how many people turn to take-out food because of their busy lives and end up throwing away the fresh food at home because it goes bad before they have a chance to eat it. Click on the link to read more about the problem of food waste in Australia.

Maralinga: Australia’s Nuclear Waste Cover-UpĀ 

In the 1950s, the British conducted nuclear tests in Maralinga, Australia where a group of Aboriginal people lived. The natives were shoved out of their homes, and could finally return 54 years later to a supposedly cleaned up area. Little did they know, the site was not properly cleaned up. Australia put plutonium in unlined holes around the area. Toxic waste is now in the ground, and is causing harm to the natives who live here. Alan Parkinson, the author of this book was the advisor of the clean-up and took notice of the dangers this site held, but he was told to be quiet and was kicked off the team.

ABC News – “Nuclear waste facility plans ‘progressing'”

This is an article from ABC news about the proposed plans for creating a nuclear waste site in Northern Territory of Australia. The article talks about how the Aboriginal traditional owners of the land are fighting the creation of the site. There is a federal court case scheduled to be heard this year brought by the traditional owners. Click on the link to read more about the crisis happening in Australia.