Mining Links

Australian Mine Atlas

The above link will take you directly to the Australian government website about the mines. Here you will find an interactive map showing all of Australia’s mines. To get more information, or just to take a more in-depth look, simply click on a certain mine. You can also get more information on the mineral resources in Australia, such as Gold, Bauxite, Iron Ore, and Copper. Or if you’d like, you can view the history of the Minerals Industry here as well. Some other things available on the website are mineral fact sheets and information on mineral resources. After looking through the site, there are quizzes that you can take to see how much you’ve learned!

This is Our Story

This website is a blog that is filled with clips and stories of those who have been involved with the mining industry in Australia. This website has a more positive outlook on mining and how it’s been changing. It also talks about the impact the mining industry has on Australians from the amount of jobs it provides to holding mine projects that are being held accountable for safe and efficient mining operations. A few other things this website provides are what minerals Australian mines offer, how mining plays into the Australian economy, and how it is supporting local communities. In their “About Us” section, you can find a list of member companies that are involved in exploration, mining, mineral processing and services that produce up to 85 percent of Australia’s mineral output including precious metals, base metals, light metals and iron ore, as well as energy materials like coal.

Australian Mining

The link above will bring you to Australia’s home for mining industry news. The site is full of news stories, education about the topic, job opportunities, events, companies and much more. It also has a magazine that can be sent out to the citizens of Australia to educate and to keep them up to date on the latest mining information throughout Australia. The news section is divided between the different regions of Australia which makes it easy to find the information you are looking for pertaining to the region of interest.

Oxfam Australia – Explore Mining

Oxfam Australia is a part of a global confederation of 17 independent agencies working toward a just world without poverty. They believe in the full and equal rights of all human beings and seek to help people whose rights are denied because of poverty, discrimination, or injustice.  Because of this, Oxfam has been trying to help with the mining aspect of Australia by protecting the people and the environment. Here you can explore some of the impacts mining does have on the people in Australia.